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  • By CHLOE: Boston Seaport
  • By CHLOE: 60 West 22nd


  • Interpreting November 2020 EB-5 Visa Availability Predictions from Charles Oppenheim
  • FY2020 Q3 Processing Data
  • Report on Nov 2020 IPO Non-Engagement
  • What is normal I-829 processing?
  • EB-5 process illustration (Visa Bulletin questions)
  • AAO decisions on source and path of funds appeals
  • Source of all invested capital
  • Regional center program authorization and USCIS stabilization
  • USCIS EB-5 Stakeholder Question Invitation (but no engagement)
  • Supporting Mandamus and APA actions
  • Index to May 2019 EB-5 adjudicator training materials
  • I-526 Processing Time Report Update (country-specific)
  • Redeployment policy comment 2
  • USCIS Funding, Furloughs, and Fee Rule
  • USCIS website Q&A on redeployment
  • Policy Manual Update — Redeployment
  • Processing Time Report Update
  • Perspectives on the EB-5 visa queue (new I-526 approval report)
  • FY2020 Q2 EB-5 Form Processing Data
  • Interpreting Processing Times Reports
  • Cooperating to share experience and support the program
  • Interpreting the Visa Bulletin
  • Unleashing the economic and job creation benefit of EB-5
  • FY2020 Q1 EB-5 Processing Statistics
  • Processing, TEAs, Virtual Meetings
  • Report from 3/13 USCIS Engagement on Visa Availability Approach
  • 3/13 meeting preview; I-526 processing context
  • Complete I-526 and I-829 data for FY2019 Q1, by country
  • FY2019 EB-5 Visa Stats by Country
  • I-526 backlog by country and priority date
  • Questions for USCIS about the Visa Availability Approach
  • Why I-526 processing time is relevant
  • I-526 processing times: volume and priority
  • 3/13 EB-5 Engagement Invite
  • 2/2020 Visa Bulletin India FAD
  • FY2019 Q4 Petition Processing Statistics
  • The decade in review
  • EB-5 form filing fees
  • Targeted Employment Areas from November 21
  • With new EB-5 program regs going into effect, Grassley goes after bad actors
  • EB-5 Legislation?
  • October 2019 Oppenheim EB-5 wait time estimates
  • USCIS Policy Manual Update
  • Conference Rumors (partial investment, visa wait times)
  • Conference Rumors (partial investment, visa wait times)
  • Insights from AAO Decisions (debt arrangements, currency swap, diverted capital, regional center activity, project progress)
  • Reauthorization, Country Caps, S.2540, Visa Bulletin
  • Reauthorization by CR
  • FY2019 Q3 EB-5 Forms Processing Data
  • 9/9 EB-5 Stakeholder Non-Engagement
  • (IPO Processing, Terminations, Marketing, Regs & Legislation, Visa Bulletin)
  • EB-5 investment project in downtown Seattle reaches major milestone
  • Questions for USCIS Engagement
  • USCIS EB-5 Engagement 9/9
  • Business Plans and RFE Response
  • Priority date retention and redeployment, with flow chart
  • EB-5 Regulation Published
  • Country cap discussion (HR 1044)
  • EB-5 reg nears publication
  • FY2019 Q2 EB-5 Petition Processing Report
  • Understanding the Visa Bulletin
  • Petition Processing Times Report Change, RC List Updates
  • Regulations Update (Spring 2019)
  • EB-5 Reform, Immigration Reform
  • Forecasting Visa Availability: 5/6 Oppenheim projections and big picture
  • FY2019 Q1 EB-5 Petition Processing Statistics
  • Updates (Redeployment, Material Change, India Retrogression, I-526 processing and RFEs)
  • FAQ for potential regulatory changes and visa bulletin updates
  • EB-5 Modernization Regulation Advances
  • Retrogression Math
  • USCIS email: Zhang Class Action
  • Updates (reauthorization, visa cap, redeployment, AAO decisions)
  • Approaching Feb 15
  • FY2018 EB-5 Visas by Country
  • 2018 in Review
  • Updates (reauthorization or shutdown, indebtedness, visa numbers, litigation)
  • Approaching Dec 7->Dec 21
  • 11/19 Stakeholder Meeting with USCIS (redemption, redeployment)
  • Applying data to questions (I-526 timing, visa timing for China, Vietnam, India)
  • AILA/IIUSA Forum Updates (Kendall, Oppenheim, visa availability)
  • PM Update (redemption agreements, debt arrangements)
  • FY2018 Q3 EB-5 Form Processing Statistics
  • Pending I-526 by country as of 10/2018
  • USCIS meeting with IIUSA (regs, redeployment, processing times), Analysis of Litigation
  • EB-5 Engagement 11/19
  • Regulations update (Fall 2018)
  • FY17 per-country I-526 data, SEC action (registration)
  • RC program authorization
  • Preparing to file I-924A Annual Certification
  • I-924 exemplar appeal sustained (reserves, material change)
  • Ombudsman on new RFE and NOID policy, visa timing, RC list updates
  • WA Updates, Visa Numbers, Ombudsman, RC List Updates
  • Policy Manual update: Geographic Area
  • RC Designation and Terminations, SEC (Palm House), RC List Updates
  • Per-country limits in question?
  • Visa Numbers (FY2018 Q3 and conference update)
  • FY2018 Q2 EB-5 Form Processing Statistics
  • Updates (I-829, Ombudsman, debt arrangements, PM, conference, Vermont, RC list changes)
  • Constructive IIUSA response to bridge finance and other challenges
  • Senate hearing, legislation, I-829 receipt notices (updated)
  • Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on EB-5
  • I-526 and EB-5 visa wait times; country-specific effects of potential changes
  • Processing Report, Terminations, Regulations, RC List Changes
  • AAO Decisions (termination, exemplar approval, bridge financing), Other Updates, RC List Changes
  • How Long Does I-526 Take? (III)
  • 5/15 Policy Manual Update (tenant occupancy)
  • Regulations Update (8/2018?)
  • 5/2 Policy Manual Update (CPR while I-829 pending)
  • FY2018 Q1 EB-5 Form Processing Statistics
  • 4/23 Visa Numbers (China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, S. Korea, Taiwan)
  • EB-5 No-Reform Act, RC List Changes
  • New Litigation and AAO Decisions (“invest” requirements)
  • EB-5 Visa Waiting Line and Visa Allocation
  • RC Authorization to 9/30/2018, Processing Times, New RCs
  • EB-5 Reform: Missed Opportunity
  • No-change February
  • Updates (CR to 3/23, AAO sustained appeals, RC List)
  • At-risk with call option and preferred return? — updated
  • Brazilians are getting in on the EB-5 game in a major way
  • FY2017 EB-5 Visas by Country
  • RC Reauthorization to 2/8/2018
  • EB-5 Regulations (2/2018?)
  • RC Reauthorization to 1/19/2018, visa numbers, legal actions, RC list changes
  • Q4 2017 EB-5 Petition Stats
  • RC Program Reauthorization (CR to 12/22/2017)
  • 11/7 and 11/10 IPO Updates (processing, bridge financing, more), Baruch College Conference, RC List Updates
  • Visa Numbers Update (Vietnam, India), TEA Reform Proposal, RC Audit Change
  • EB-5 Timing Issues and Visa Wait: Process and Data
  • Direct EB-5 FAQ, White House Immigration Principles
  • Washington Updates, Articles, SEC Actions, RC List Changes
  • Q3 2017 EB-5 Petition Processing Data
  • 1/7 EB-5 Engagement Invite
  • RC reauthorization to 12/8/2017, I-924A tips, SEC request denied (Kameli)
  • Redeployment, Reauthorization, I-485, AAO Decisions, RC List Changes
  • I-924A webinar, EB-5 regs, Articles, RC list changes
  • I-924A webinar, Processing Times, I-526 by country, visa numbers, EB-5 legislation (HR 3471)
  • RAISE Act
  • Articles & Resources (Ombudsman, Visa Numbers, Investor Protection, Redeployment, RC Audits), Washington Updates, RC List Changes
  • IPO Report from San Jose (processing times, business plan advice, site visits, visa wait)
  • IPO Suggested Order of Documentation
  • Draft legislation, NYC lawsuit, SEC action, RC decision (Path America), RC list changes
  • New EB-5 Policy (Sustaining Investment, Redeployment, and Investors in a Terminated RC)–Updated
  • Tally of I-526 and I-829 approvals and denials by regional center (updated)
  • Q2 2017 EB-5 Petition Processing Data, Audits, Leahy letter
  • RC Terminations, investor litigation victory, China trends, agent ethics, RC list changes
  • New EB-5 Regulations: Comments Discussion
  • EB-5 Primer
  • EB-5 in the news (Kushner Cos in China, SEC in Idaho, visa dates, Ombudsman, RC terminations)
  • RC reauthorization to 9/30/2017, Trump statements on reform
  • I-924 Webinar, Amendment Requirements
  • Goodlatte statement; IIUSA TEA Analysis
  • Preventing fraud in EB-5 (CIIF investigation)
  • FY2017 Q1 EB-5 Petition Processing Statistics
  • 4/26 USCIS Webinar on I-924
  • Washington updates, RC termination appeal, SEC (WA), Petition processing
  • RC compliance audits
  • FY2016 EB-5 Visas Stats by Country
  • 3/8 House Hearing, 3/3 USCIS EB-5 Stakeholder Engagement (I-829 division, RC geographic area, site visits, filing tips)
  • USCIS EB-5 Training Materials (April 2015)
  • Articles (Project Oversight, Redeployment, TEA Changes), RC list changes
  • Understanding USCIS Processing Time Reports–Updated
  • S.232 Update, SEC & Attorneys, RC list changes
  • EB-5 Regs (Regional Centers), I-924 Process and 2015 Stats, Processing Times

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106 N. Bartow Street, Cartersville, United States of America, 30120

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