Discover How You & Your Family can Become US Citizens through Houston EB5 Real Estate Investment Program

Discover How You & Your Family can Become US Citizens through Houston EB5 Real Estate Investment Program

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  • Did you know that there is an easy way to obtain a US Green Card within 2 years simply by investing in the US economy?
  • Did you know that by simply financing a secure and profitable real estate development project, Nigerians can get a fast-tracked permanent residency in the US for themselves and their entire family?
  • Did you know that the US is willing to offer you all the perks of being an American citizen and a path to citizenship simply by investing money in the US economy?

Yes, all of the above is true and possible only through the EB-5 “Immigration through Investment” program, which allows foreign nationals the guaranteed ability to obtain permanent residency in the US when they invest $500,000 in a US, job-creating enterprise for a period of two years. Learn how Hauwa and John unlocked these very benefits through subscribing to Houston EB5.

Hauwa and her husband Wale Adebayo lived a comfortable life. Wale had a chain of successful car dealerships, Hauwa was a senior manager at a telecoms firm.

They had three children, Dapo 12, Bimpe 10 and Ziba 8 and they regularly traveled to destinations like the UK, Paris, Dubai, and Kenya. However, Hauwa wasn’t satisfied. Her sister had relocated to the US after getting married three years ago, however every time Hauwa and Wale would apply for a visa to visit the US, their application was denied for one reason or the other.

Wale’s business had taken a hit from the economic slowdown of 2016-2017, his children were getting older and would soon be entering secondary school and he increasingly became frustrated with the rigours of life in Nigeria. He began to think of a fall-back plan. Better education for their children being top of her concern and opportunity to explore the world being the least, though extremely important to their family values which believed that “a wise man travels to discover himself.”

On a Tuesday afternoon in the company staff room, Hauwa was complaining to Amaka about her frustrations with visa fees, denials, long processes, etc. Amaka was initially surprised to hear this but she ultimately understood Hauwa’s plight.

“My brother-in-law, John, and his family were in your position about four years ago. He was frustrated with life in Nigeria and its challenges and wanted a better life for his family. He also enjoyed traveling, especially to the US, but despised the long process of having to apply and wait for a visa before planning his trips. He saw an article in the papers about 3INVESTpromoting Houston EB5 and the EB-5 “Immigration through investment” visa and quickly jumped at the opportunity.

Houston EB5 offers Nigerians and foreign nationals the opportunity to obtain fast-tracked permanent residency in the US when they invest $500,000 in a job-creating US venture or enterprise.

With Houston EB5, the investment goes towards the construction of sought-after luxury real estate developments in Houston, Texas, and environs. Investors also receive their initial investment back with 4% annual returns and a profit share at the end of the period.”

“Once John learned about this, he set up a meeting with 3INVEST, the African representatives in Nigeria to learn more about the program and to get started. He was presented some forms to fill which were then sent to Houston EB5 in Houston and in no time, they were engaging him and assisting with his green card application.”

“He was glad to learn that Houston EB5 had extensive experience in helping Nigerians and other foreigners obtain permanent residency in the US, with a 100% success rate in permanent residency approvals for their clients. He knew that he was in safe hands.”

“Within a year of applying, John’s application was approved and he and his family were granted a conditional green card and were finally able to move to the US to begin their new life. Two short years later, their conditional status was removed and their permanent green card was granted.”

“John and his family have thoroughly enjoyed their new lives in the US. They live in Columbia, Maryland where he works as a software engineer. Their daughter Mabel will be starting college as a pre-med student, and their younger children have really settled into their new school and community.”

“Hauwa, this is something I think you and Wale should really consider, you can begin a new life in the US in just a year from now. The benefits of the program are innumerable:

  • Family members of EB-5 investors (including spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) receive green cards.
  • Investors and families have the freedom to live, work and retire anywhere they choose in the United States – there is no requirement to live near the site of investment.
  • Investors are not responsible for the day-to-day management of the commercial enterprise.
  • Investment capital can come from any lawful source, including gifts, inheritances and business ownership.
  • Investors with EB-5 Green Cards may travel outside of the United States and return without a visa.
  • Investors enjoy the same benefits as other US residents – including resident
    discount on tuition to attend US colleges and universities.
  • Investors may apply for full US citizenship after 5 years.
  • Ability to develop and run your own business.
  • Ability to sponsor Green Cards for your relatives.”

Hauwa was amazed and deeply grateful to hear this information from Amaka. She finally saw a light and opportunity at the end of the tunnel of her and Wale’s worries. Wale had considerable savings and investments and a few properties that he could sell to raise the capital. So, she knew that this could be the right opportunity for them to start a new life in the US.

“Wow, thank you so much Amaka. I never knew that such opportunities existed. I will speak to Wale about this when I get home this evening.”

As Amaka had explained, Hauwa and Wale met with 3INVEST, Houston EB5’s representatives in Nigeria and were instructed on how to proceed. They filled all the necessary forms which were sent on to Houston EB5 for processing. Once they were approved as suitable applicants, Houston EB5’s team of immigration lawyers began to assist the Adebayo’s with their permanent residency application and their required investment was duly paid.

Within a year, the Adebayo’s received their conditional green cards and finally moved the US, settling in San Antonio, Texas where Wale’s cousin helped him set up a car dealership business. Two years later, the permanent green card was granted and the Adebayo’s were subsequently paid back their initial investment plus substantial returns on their investment.

Hauwa and Wale currently live in a high-brow suburb in Texas in a spacious 5 bedroom house which they bought with their EB-5 investment funds. Their children are enrolled in top private schools in the state and are excelling in academia, music, and sports.

They are able to go on regular vacations to new destinations and countries every holiday, without having to apply for visas as before, uncertain about the fate of their application. In a few years, after the Adebayo’s have spent 5 years in the US after being granted their permanent green card, they will be eligible to apply for full US Citizenship.

Every year, Houston EB5 gives Nigerians and other foreign nationals the opportunity to achieve their goal of obtaining US permanent residency when they invest in the US economy and create jobs through Houston EB5’s secure and profitable real estate projects.

Parties interested in the EB-5 investment opportunity presented by The Allen can make further inquiries regarding project details and how to proceed by contacting 3Invest, the project’s industry partner in West Africa.


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