EB-5 Investor Visa 2024: Fees and expenses of immigration journey to the United States

EB-5 Investor Visa 2024: Fees and expenses of immigration journey to the United States

Embarking on the EB-5 investor visa journey is a significant decision for those aspiring to relocate to the United States. Navigating this program involves not only understanding the legal requirements but also being prepared for the financial commitments that come with it. Here, we delve into the various expenses associated with the EB-5 investor visa process in 2024, providing you with a comprehensive overview to aid in your decision-making process.

Primary Investment Amount

At the heart of the EB-5 program lies the primary investment, which is influenced by the geographical location of the project. Projects situated in Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) require an investment of $800,000, while those outside TEAs demand $1,050,000. However, it’s worth noting that most projects tend to fall within the $800,000 threshold. This investment is required upfront before initiating the Green Card application process and may offer the potential for refunds based on project performance throughout 3 to 7 years.

Regional Center Administrative Fee

In addition to the primary investment, investors are also required to pay a Regional Center Administrative Fee, which covers the administrative and promotional expenses of the Regional Center. This fee typically ranges from $50,000 to $90,000 and is paid at the beginning of the EB-5 process along with the primary investment amount.

Immigration Lawyer Services

Navigating the complex landscape of immigration law often necessitates the expertise of an immigration lawyer. The cost of such services can vary widely between $15,000 and $70,000, depending on the attorney’s qualifications and the firm’s size. Many attorneys offer flexible payment arrangements, allowing clients to negotiate payment installments with the attorney. Moreover, discovering an experienced EB-5 immigration lawyer who is proficient in your language can facilitate smoother communication and potentially reduce translation costs for document review.

Document Translation Fees

Translation fees are an additional expense for investors whose documents are in a foreign language. These fees are typically between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on the volume and complexity of the documents. It’s best to talk to your immigration lawyer to decide if they suggest translators or if you should find them yourself. Conducting a trial translation of a sample of the documentation can help ensure accurate and high-quality translations, thereby avoiding potential misunderstandings or delays in the application process.

Government Fees

Government fees are another significant component of the EB-5 investor visa process and are paid in stages. These fees change depending on factors like how many family members are in the application and your chosen process route. They include fees for the I-526 petition, integrity fee, visa processing fee, I-485 adjustment of status application, and I-829 petition to remove conditions on permanent residence. Government fees were increased effective April 1, 2024; the new amounts can total $22,000 or more.

I-526 Petition: $11,160 for the principal applicant

I-526 Integrity Fee: $1,000

I-526 Visa Processing Fee: $345 per family member

I-485 Adjustment of Status Application: $1,140 per family member, plus $85 for biometrics

I-829 Petition: $9,525 for the principal applicant, plus $85 for biometrics


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