How to locate Chinese investors for EB-5 Project?

How to locate Chinese investors for EB-5 Project?


It would be absurd for someone seeking Chinese investors for an EB-5 project to say that they can’t find investors. In this article, I’ll share with you several ways of connecting with Chinese investors. I’m not saying that these are the only ways, and I am not saying that these are all of the ways. But these are some ideas to help you get started.

Investors Are Looking For You

Before you head out on an expensive junket to China, realize that there are investors out there who are looking for you. How are they going to find you? Two things come to mind immediately: the internet and the USCIS. You need to make sure that you have exposure in both places. Ensure that your Regional Center and your project are on any lists available through the USCIS. If they are a potential first point of contact for an investor, it makes sense that a great deal of your credibility will depend upon your being listed with them. It’s a good idea to ensure that U.S. consulates are also aware of your projects and how to direct potential clients to you.

The Internet, including social media, is unarguably the biggest marketplace for goods and services in the world. Failing to expose your business in cyberspace could be the single biggest mistake you could make. Hire an experienced consultant on Internet, website, and social-media marketing, who can actively manage your site and knows how to direct traffic to your site. Hire an expert who will do more for you than just design a website.

Visit Symposiums, Seminars, Trade Shows, and Conferences

The best place to find investors is where they are gathered together to conduct business. You don’t even have to go to China. Visit any large trade show in the U.S. and you will find myriads of Chinese executives, many of whom might be willing to invest in EB-5 projects. You could spend months visiting the Las Vegas Convention Center alone and introducing yourself and your projects to potential Chinese investors. Contact the Las Vegas Convention Center to obtain a list of upcoming events. The annual SEMA (automotive) and SHOT (outdoor products) shows draw hundreds of thousands of visitors, for example.

Symposiums and seminars in any way related to investment in U.S. business or immigration -- especially those targeted at Chinese investors or EB-5 information – are likely to have interested investors in attendance. You should be there too. This is where you might want to contact the State Department to learn about relevant conferences and events, including those being held in China.

Create Your Own Seminars or Symposiums

Even better, establish a series of regular seminars that showcase your projects, your expertise, and the expertise of others. You might consider holding an independent seminar on Chinese EB-5 investing at a hotel where Chinese are frequent guests, in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York or Orlando.

Promote yourself. Make sure that your business card includes your EB-5 services. Have some pocket-sized brochures that advertise your EB-5 services, and encourage potential clients to follow up.

Go to school. If Rodney Dangerfield could garner some respect by going “Back to School,” so can you. You don’t have to take classes. Many high net-worth Chinese families have children attending colleges and universities in the U.S. Establishing credibility and a relationship with them may open doors to an audience with their parents.

Establish a presence in China. What better place to find Chinese investors than in China? You can establish your own office in China. The more investors you need, the better this option becomes. It may be an uphill adventure in the beginning, but eventually the rewards will be significant.

You will still need to form an alliance with a Chinese EB-5 Agency, an existing exit-entry Agency that has been duly authorized to deal with potential investors, and EB-5 project promoters. They find investors and introduce them to you. They make their money by making the connection between investors and projects.

Leave no stone unturned. Chinese investors are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. You can assume that all the chocolates in the box are the same, but you will never know until you break through the surface. If you are creative and don’t present yourself like a bull in a china shop, your creativity may be the best tool you have for finding new investors.

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