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John Daniels


30 Renees Way, Madison, CT, 06443
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John Daniels

John Daniels


Daniele Appliance, Ltd. is currently launching two unique and highly innovative products, and looking for captial to ensure a successful launch and grow our line of innovative and patented US designed products.  

Our first product, the IncrediGrill is a true paradigm shift in outdoor cooking, with the fire power and control needed for the home cook to do truly world-class cuisine, including wok, cold and hot smoking, grilling, steaming, frying, boiling, baking, roasting, rotisserie, we have found we can configure the incredigrill for just about any cooking technique there is, and with a twist on one or two that are a whole lot of fun.  Like all our products, it has been designed specifically for the latest high productivity digital manufacturing techniques.  

Our second product, the Pizza Grate, turns a home oven into a pizzeria.  The product is very simple, easy to fabricate, yet highly innovative and effective.  The Pizza Grate is for home oven cooked pizza, bread, crispy chicken, steaks, burgers and more. Pizza is one of the most favorite foods in North America, and through out the world.  The Pizza Grate allows any home cook to produce homemade pizza at a fraction of the time and cost of take out.  Works great for heating frozen pizzas too!

The business model includes rapid business expansion anchored by our first two products.  We have a series of accessories under development, and some currently being pilot manufactured, for both the Pizza Grate and the IncrediGrill.  Based on our model, we have an immediate need for several news jobs ranging from management, sales and marketing, engineering/product development, warehouse and assembly. Over the next 9-12 months, we expect to have created a total of at least 12-15 new US based jobs with steady and long lasting employment.  

The growth of our company will start with our two current products, the IncrediGrill and the Pizza Grate, and we expect rapid and sustained growth through the continuous innovation of related products such as accessories and related new products. 

We are looking for funding partners who share our passion and commitment to do it right and to do it well.


Bio of John J. Daniels

   A proven business leader and innovator, Mr. Daniels currently holds the position of CEO of Daniele Appliance, Ltd. in Madison, CT. Mr. Daniels has had a somewhat unique career. His first invention, a fogless shower mirror, was patented in 1989. While still in law school, Mr. Daniels turned that invention into a product, the FogNot, and sold tens of thousands of units. His first invention sale was a portfolio of exercise equipment patents to NordicTrack, Inc.

    His next invention sale was to Abu Garcia/Outdoor Technologies Group, a leader in sports fishing equipment. Among the inventions sold to Abu Garcia was an anti-backlashing fishing reel.  Mr. Daniels continued his career as a registered US patent attorney while continuing to sell his inventions to companies such as a cellphone radiation shield to a start-up called RangeStar.

    In the early 1990’s, Mr. Daniels began developing the concept for a suite of interactive television innovations. The prototypes were demonstrated and this patent portfolio was sold to the world’s largest software company in 2001.     

    Having a significant pile of working capital from that sale, Mr. Daniels founded a start-up company called Articulated Technologies, Inc. around his innovations for Organic Light Emitting Diodes, displays and solar cells. Through successive prototype iterations, Mr. Daniels discovered a process for connecting bare die inorganic LED through a simple lamination process, in 2010 Articulated Technologies was sold. 

    Mr. Daniels has demonstrated the ability to see where the future intersection of enabling technologies meet, conceive of useful inventions, protect those inventions, build working prototypes that further the building of the patent portfolio, and finally commercializing the resulting technology either through the introduction of products of the sale of the technology to industry.  As a seasoned entrepreneur, patent attorney and business man, Mr. Daniels knows how to take a product concept from business start up to commercialization, while building a suite of world-wide patent assets and innovations.


Licensed Inventions:

Articulated Technologies: Licensed OLED and bare die lamination LED Inventions

Microsoft Corporation: Licensed Interactive Television Inventions

Outdoors Technologies Group/Abu Garcia: Licensed Sports Fishing Inventions 

Rangestar, Inc.: Licensed Cellular Phone Inventions

NordicTrack, Inc: Licensed Exercise Equipment Inventions

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IncrediGrill Commercial

IncrediGrill design for professional use

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    IncrediGrill for the backyard grillmaster

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  • Pizza Grate

    Turns any home oven into your favorite pizzeria

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